Hunter S. Bridges

Hunter Bridges is a wildlife biologist, nature writer and photographer from the Upstate of South Carolina. He grew up hunting, fishing and trapping throughout the Southeast.

Hunter graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology. He was shortly thereafter recognized for outstanding service in wildlife damage management by the SC USDA Wildlife Services, and has since spent countless hours working in conservation and conducting workshops on birding, field botany, urban wildlife habitats and more.

But his passion for wild places and wild things shows most notably through his photography. Through his lens, Hunter’s intimate knowledge of nature and his uncanny knack for getting up-close brings us a sense of intense proximity to his subject – from Lowcountry gators to tiny warblers to elusive whitetails. A self-taught photographer, Hunter has been commissioned by Ducks Unlimited, SC Waterfowl Association and SC Department of Natural Resources.